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Silent Gliss 5600

Product Fact Sheet (click to view PDF file)

Product Specification (click to view PDF file)

  • The world’s most silent curtain track
  • Quiet, fast mains powered motor which can be mounted on the track in four different directions
  • Light to heavy weight curtains, straight and bent applications
  • Smooth operation, soft start, soft stop
  • Manual override operation possible in case of power failure
  • “Touch and Go”: slight fabric pull to start curtain movement
  • Automatic obstacle detection to protect fabric
  • Easy manual / automatic end stop programming
  • Permanent positioning sensor, keeps end positions without power
  • Colours: white (standard), silver
  • Ceiling, wall and recess fitting, bendable recess profile available
  • Options: Wave, radio remote control systems SG 9940/0450, app control
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