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Motorised SilentGliss Metropole 6150m with a sleek 50mm diameter. Elevate your window treatment experience with this premium curtain pole, seamlessly combining style and functionality. Effortlessly control your curtains with the touch of a button, thanks to the integrated motorization system. The Metropole 6150m boasts a whisper-quiet operation, ensuring a serene ambiance in any room. Crafted…


Upgrade your window treatments with the cutting-edge Motorised SilentGliss Metropole 6150m 50mm. This innovative curtain pole combines functionality, elegance, and modern technology to elevate your home’s interior design.

Key Features:
  1. Motorised Convenience: Effortlessly control your curtains with the touch of a button. The integrated motor system ensures smooth and quiet operation, adding a touch of luxury to your living space.

  2. Silent Operation: Experience the utmost tranquillity with SilentGliss technology. The motorized system operates in near-silence, allowing you to enjoy your surroundings without any disturbances.
  3. Sleek and Stylish Design: The 50mm diameter of the Metropole lends a contemporary, sophisticated look to your windows. Its understated design complements a wide range of decor styles, from minimalist to traditional.
  4. Customizable Finishes: Choose from a selection of finishes to match your unique aesthetic. Whether you prefer a polished chrome, matte black, or brushed nickel, you can find the perfect option to complement your interior.
  5. Versatile Mounting Options: The Metropole offers flexibility in installation, allowing for ceiling or wall mounting. This adaptability ensures it seamlessly fits into any room layout.
  6. Easy Integration: Control your curtains via voice commands, mobile app, or even set automated schedules for added convenience.
  7. Safety First: Built-in sensors prevent overloading and ensure smooth, reliable operation.

Transform your living space into a haven of comfort and style with the Motorised SilentGliss Metropole 6150m 50mm. Embrace the future of window treatments and experience the perfect blend of form and function. Elevate your home with this exceptional curtain pole today!