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Our Roller Blinds boast a sleek and minimalist appearance. Designed for the modern homeowner who appreciates the perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality. The finely crafted fabric gently diffuses natural light, creating a warm and inviting ambiance in any room. Customisation is at your fingertips with a curated selection of on-trend colours and patterns, allowing you to effortlessly harmonize your blinds with your existing décor. Whether you seek a subdued neutral or a bold statement piece, the illumin8 Folio Roller Blinds cater to diverse tastes, ensuring your windows become a canvas for personal expression.

Fabrics for Printed Rollers

A carefully selected range of fabric qualities which have been sourced especially for the printing process. Create beautiful fabrics to suit all light-filtering requirements.

TRANSLUCENT A simple, plain weave structure to allow light to be gently diffused into the room. 
BLACKOUT Created using a 3-layer process of light-blocking substrates. which prevents light penetrating through the fabric 
TEXTURED A couple of different weave techniques are available to create further interest in the cloth. A slub-effect or a regular cross-hatch style are both easily-to-live with textures. 
TEXTURED BLACKOUTS With the addition of a blackout coating, the textured fabrics will now block out light coming through.  
WATERPROOF A close weave quality is coated on both sides with a moisture-resistant layer to enable a wipe-clean property. 
SHEER The fine and delicate structure of this base quality filters the light and enhances the print design. Which looks fabulous as a single coloured silhouette. 
SCREEN This is a technical fabric which has 3% or 5% openness factor to prevent the glare of bright sunlight into the room.